Kenneth E. Carlton

107 Tamiami Trl ∙ West Lafayette ∙ IN ∙ 47906 ∙ 765-416-3142 ∙ photos of my work at:


BSME, Mechanical Engineer with expertise in planetary gearing, transmissions, winches, electronic component packaging, rotating equipment, axles. Expert with 3D CAD (SolidWorks) and FEA. Spanish speaker (advanced). Computer programming.

Core Competencies

∙ Mech./Design Engineer
∙ Project Management
∙ SolidWorks/3D CAD
∙ Research
∙ BOM Management
∙ Powertrain design
∙ Rotating machinery
∙ Transmissions
∙ Agriculture machinery
∙ Mining machinery
∙ Railroad machinery
∙ Manufacturing machinery
∙ Gears
∙ Clutches
∙ Brakes
∙ Bearings
∙ Casting design
∙ Weldment design
∙ GD&T

Professional Experience

MTI Welding, Inc., South Bend, IN

Manufacturer of large manufacturing equipment used by the Aerospace and Automotive industries
Mechanical Engineer, 2016

  • Designed a chuck fixture resistant to 90 tons; used on a 30 foot long machine that manufactures parts for the aerospace and automotive industry.
  • Designed a guard system for the machine listed above that had automatic doors and provided greater accessibility for machine maintenance than past machine guards. Many sheet metal components were involved with this design, including doors and panels. The BOM involved top level assemblies and many subassemblies thereof.
  • Designed a cable track system allowing electrical cables/hydraulic hoses to move alongside and feed moving components. I used SolidWorks sheet metal feature to design trays to which the tracks, cables, and hoses were mounted.

Oerlikon Fairfield, Lafayette, IN

OEM Manufacturer of transmissions and gear drives for agriculture, oil, and mining industries
Sr. Design Engineer, 1996-2015

  • Powertrain transmission for Chinese railroad vehicle: I traveled to China representing Fairfield for I transmission I designed. As a result of mutual trust achieved, Fairfield obtained a new and profitable product line that continues today.
  • For John Deere: When presented with the challenge of designing highly compact, high power density planetary gearbox, I rose to the challenge. The product is now mass produced and sold to Deere and other companies.
  • Shipyard crane: A company in Ireland had a novel idea for the way a ship yard crane could be more easily maneuvered. but they didn’t know how to implement that idea into a design. I visited the company in Ireland and later designed a unique unit employing a differential that met their needs. containing a to meet their needs.
  • Offshore drilling rig jack up drive: I did the design proposal for a 6.5 foot tall gearbox for the oil field. As a result, Oerlikon Fairfield was awarded a multimillion dollar contract. Nine of these gearboxes are used to raise an oil drilling rig off the ocean floor in order to stabilize the rig for drilling.
  • Electric driven bull dozer: I worked with a team of engineers to develop an electric driven bull dozer (wheel loader). This involved designing sheet metal parts, plastic parts, and working with electrical components and circuit boards. (example #5 on my webpage
  • Shipping vessel hoist: I designed a large, 7 foot tall gear reduction unit noted for high reliablilty. Aiding in reliability: no lubrication pump (a failure mode). This caused a problem: bearings need lube. I solved this dilemma by designing a unique oil channeling mechanism to deliver lube oil to troubled areas.
  • The machines discussed above dealt with me designing from scratch new designs, me doing FEA to verify strength and life, me managing assemblies and BOMs to put these designs into production, me coordinating with Manufacturing Engineers to verify that parts can be easily massed produced, me working with Fairfield customers to make sure design needs are being fulfilled, and me working with test personnel to verify designs. As examples of this type of work, see my webpage; most specifically, see example #3

Prior to 1996

Braden Winch, Tulsa, OK
Borg Warner, Muncie, IN


BSME degree, Lamar University, Beaumont, TX, 3.4 GPA.
1 year towards MSME at Lamar.
Winner of Ernest Holdrege Award (an award for excellence at Lamary Univ.)

Strong Points

Problem solving: I am adept at deriving design solutions for unique problems in a cost effective manner.
I have the ability to work with customers and vendors, with manufacturing, marketing, purchasing, and sales to achieve design goals.