Samples of my work

Last updated: November 25, 2016

mti201-ec fric_welding

1)  High volume production machine: working alongside a team of engineers at MTI Welding, each with with their own skill sets (hydraulics, controls, and electrical engineers), I designed various components of a machine used on the factory floor by the aerospace industry, among others. The machine, via a 90 ton force, welds parts together by means of friction only. The process is very rapid, and produces consistent, high quality parts.  (video: how it’s done) (video: see inside of shop)

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2)  New, high capacity Torque-Hub (official Fairfield brochure). I designed the new line CTL Torque hub units, used as a track drive for small bulldozers and as a wheel drive for agricultural spray tractors. Per cubic inch, this unit has more power capacity than similar size Torque-Hub units. This design is spawning similar products inspired by this design and thus generating a new product line. Customers include John Deere (Deere brochure) and Hagie (video1, video2). See it being used: video3, video4

3) Mining  machine. (download Fairfield brochure). I designed a large 31″ diameter by 40″ long planetary gearbox used for mining. The type of mining machine it is used on is called a roadheaderRoadheader (example of a working Roadheader: video5). I was awarded 3 U.S. patents, 3 Chinese patents, and 3 European patents.

Patents I have: US 8,556,761 B1, US 8864621 B2, CN 103453077 A, EP 2672142 A2, US 8556761 B1, CN 103453122 A, EP 2669546 B1, EP 2672144 A3, CN 103453102 A, EP 2672144 A3, US 4966267, EP 0419227A3, CA 2022793A1


4) Offshore drilling rig jack up drive. About 18 or more, per rig, of these huge 6.5 ft x 5 ft x 4 ft gustosalesimagegearboxes are used to raise a drilling rig off the ocean surface. See an example at this link. I created the original design proposal that went to our potential customer. This resulted in Fairfield being awarded the contract in 2006. This led to Fairfield making many more of these units, and variations thereof, in the following years. Two new engineers were hired to develop the new product line. Not many years ago I was assigned the project of adding on to this product line to create a slightly different size gearbox with a different torque capability.


5)  Electric driven wheel loader (download Fairfield brochure). I had the opportunity to work with a design team to design an electric driven wheel loader (type of bulldozer). Primary use: mining, where no vehicle exhaust is allowed. Served with a group that designed a generator, two axles, motorized wheel drives, braking system, and inverters (700 V capable — contains large, heavy duty capacitors, 7 PC boards, and built in software, all of which control the motor (software control movement, acceleration, and so forth) and supply power to the motors. For these prototypes, I’ve been involved with soldering components to prototype printed circuit boards, ordering and assembling component parts, designing plastic parts, designing cabling, creating component and assembly drawings, designing axle components.


6)  Ship hoist drive. Drives the hoist of a crane for an offshore heavy lift vessel. I designed a large, heavy capacity, seven foot tall hoist drive. As described in an article at the company Seatrax, the gearbox I designed is considered “new technology”, and is considered to be safer and more reliable than previous designs. Here is a photo in the trade magazine Petroleum and Offshore Technology: photo. The full magazine article: full article.


7)  Agriculture: Wheel drive for a crop sprayer. One of our customers for this product has a nice youtube video explaining spray tractors: video6. This particular drive has been touted by our customers for delivering higher torques to the wheels and thereby allowing the vehicle to traverse much rougher terrain. An online video shows the comparison (“my” gearbox drives the “Apache”). This unit has been sold and used in countries as far away as Russia. Customers have included Equipment Technologies ( and GVM (


8)  Railroad Ballast Cleaner Drive. A ballast cleaner is a railroad maintenance vehicle that maintains the integrity of the rails. I headed up a design team to design a gearbox that propels the vehicle at 55 mph when going from work site to work site, and at 2 mph when working at a particular site. The gearbox works via a clutch/shift arrangement. A very high degree of reliability is expected in this machine. We exceeded the customers expectations. This gearbox is sold to a customer in China. After several years of production in the USA, the production was transferred to Fairfield’s facilities in China.


9)  Four wheel drive dump truck transmission.  This highly engineered, FEA evaluated, 4 wheel drive transmission, allowed the truck back end to twist relative to the front end.   This light weight, cost saving, transmission was found to be very robust.

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